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Bio-based Surfactants

A fast growing market

In the Home Care and I&I industry we can observe a fast-growing number of product claims based on the content of renewable raw materials, as they are often perceived as more natural and having a positive environmental impact. 30% of global respondents are willing to pay a premium for products which deliver on social responsibility claims (Source: Nielsen).

BASF supports her customers with a broad portfolio of bio-based surfactants. BASF classified all its bio-based surfactants according to the new EN17035 with the help of the green-leave symbol. With this norm, the chemical industry is now able to use a transparent definition and segmentation which also enables to communicate in a comparable way to the end-user.


More than 80 bio-based surfactants can provide solutions to our customer’s needs. Some examples are:

  • Clean clothes sustainably Glucopon® 650 EC, the bio-based surfactant gentle to baby skin
  • Performance boost of laundry results Dehydol® LT 7/MB from sustainable mass balance palm kernel oil, suitable for most of the cleaning challenges in laundry and commercial laundry
  • Versatility and safety for car wash applications Glucopon® 100 DK, the hydrotrope combining efficiency, excellent eco-tox profile, no foaming and CLP label free, for the toughest I&I cleaning challenges

    Product portfolio Bio-based Surfactants