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Commercial Laundry

The optimization of laundry

Laundry on a commercial scale is a very different proposition to a home wash. Washer extractors and tunnel washers in hospitals, hotels, care homes and industrial laundries are expected not just to turn out perfect workwear, bed and table linen, even when it arrives heavily soiled, but also to handle modern textile blends with ease. Rental textile services expect their clean laundry to be returned with minimal wear and tear to extend its lifetime. Commercial operations are also subject to strict rules on permitted residues and have to comply with quality standards such as RAL 992 for textile hygiene.

The pressure is on to do more with less: more laundry with less water (commercial machines now use half the water they used around ten years ago). Cleaner results at lower temperatures. Greater convenience in less time, and lowest re-wash rates. If you want your brand of laundry detergent to be the one commercial providers turn to, work with BASF. We can provide the ingredients to ensure your formulation more than measures up.

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