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Sustainable Cleaning

In Europe, sustainability considerations are likely to make the difference between getting the big tender – or not. GPP (Green Public Procurement) ensures that cleaners for public-sector work are increasingly required to use products certified with ecolabels. Ideally, to take care of the health and safety of operators and reduce training effort, they should also not need a CLP label. Certified products help to protect the environment through responsible sourcing, less waste and pollution throughout the complete lifecycle. Yet a commitment to the environment doesn’t create room for compromise on cleanliness or hygiene.

With a smart disinfection toolkit that offers an optimal combination of biocides and non-biocidal products, BASF provides highly efficient solutions for hygiene in compliance with EU regulation to make all-purpose, sanitary, floor and window cleaners that are on a par with traditional products in terms of performance and quickly remove soil, also without excessive foaming.

Ingredients from BASF which are kind to skin as well as to surfaces being cleaned enable providers to meet increasingly strict obligations on personnel health and safety.


Watch the video on the benefints of Microbial Control technologies! video