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Defying gravity: foam cleaners that cling

Open-plant cleaning (OPC) is the exact opposite of a quick wipe round. Taking place at locations such as meat and poultry plants, OPC involves cleaning and sanitizing walls, floors, ceilings and contact surfaces at the entire facility. Industrial users are looking for cleaning agents that can perform to exacting standards, but without taking all day about it.

One of the challenges is to defy gravity: foam cleaners have to cling to surfaces – even ceilings – for long enough to dissolve the soil, and be easily rinsed off with all the soil. Another is temperature: facilities are likely to use warm (not hot) water for cleaning, and rinse with cold, and expect cleaning agents to perform well at these temperatures.

BASF has developed a choice of solutions with long-lasting foam that clings to vertical surfaces for up to 20 minutes, dissolving all the soil. Alkaline, acidic or hypochlorite, they deliver benchmark-beating cleaning results even at room temperature, and are easy to rinse off.