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Any color but gray

Advanced machines use less water and energy per wash than a decade ago. No mean feat, and a great way to save resources. But it also asks a lot more of the detergent, which has to clean the same soil at lower temperature, clean a bigger variety of fiber and keep the same amount of soil dispersed in less water. The risk of graying is greater. For cottons, it’s not good news – they have to be washed multiple times before they are back to sparkling white. For polyester blends, graying spells catastrophe. And since textile manufacturers are adding more polyester to fabric blends, laundries need a failsafe way to prevent graying and extend the lifecycle of items such as towels, white workwear and table linen.

Solutions by BASF are designed to improve how particulates are dispersed in the washing liquor, preventing them from settling in textiles. The result: an effective way to prevent graying of a range of fabrics – including the challenging polyester blends. With BASF solutions in your formulation, your customers can rely on your detergent to deliver laundry without excuses.

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