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Smart Choice in Hydrotropes: Institutional & Industrial Cleaning

BASF offers a series of hydrotropes for different applications in institutional cleansers, satisfying food & beverage processing, kitchen & catering services, and other hygienic cleaning demand. Moreover, we have categorized the hydrotropes according to its biodegradable natures, making it easier to incorporate the sustainability thoughts for the formulation design.

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Home Care Solutions: Sustainability meets performance: Glucopon® series surfactants

Nowadays, consumers are looking for high performance, safe and sustainable homecare products and it has become a trendy lifestyle. BASF’s Glucopon® series surfactants help product brands turn these challenges into advantages, achieving a good balance of performance and naturalness in home care products.

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Rediso® 2.0 for an enhanced digital customer experience

Quick answers, individual solutions and access to in-depth knowledge – these are must-haves for customers in the home care and I&I industry wanting to enter new business areas and flourish in a competitive environment.

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Outdoor fun that leaves no trace

Mud-spattered clothes, streaked with grass stains – from biking down a muddy trail to shooting the winning goal on a rainy day, outdoor fun is invariably tough on clothing.

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Hot results with a cool wash

Grass. Egg. Blood. Spinach. Ink. At one time, these stains would be difficult to remove even in an energy-hungry (and textile-punishing) hot wash. All households are keen to cut their energy bills – and washing at lower temperatures is a clear way to save. 

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Simple formulation of highly concentrated liquid products

The new hydrotrope Glucopon® 100 DK enables consumers to make an environmentally-aware choice without compromising in cleaning performance.

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Surface cleaning made easy

High-performance, water-soluble polymers from BASF as Polyquart® Ecoclean Max make cleaning easier the next time round – through streak-free cleaning, spotless drying, and long-lasting shine.




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