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Outdoor fun that leaves no trace

Mud-spattered clothes, streaked with grass stains – from biking down a muddy trail to shooting the winning goal on a rainy day, outdoor fun is invariably tough on clothing. But no matter how great the memory of the day, no one wants the stains to remain forever. Or to find after washing that the detergent has ingrained these traces of the great outdoors even more immovably into the material.

With solutions by BASF, a great day out doesn’t have to end with ruined clothes. Your detergent will delight consumers with its power to remove particulate stains like clay, mud and ground-in dirt and prevent the stains from penetrating textiles during washing. In liquid, single-dose and powder form, solutions by BASF get the laundry clean, keep it white, and work effectively at temperatures as low as 20 °C. Clothes look new for longer.