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BASF expands portfolio of RSPO-certified surfactants, underlining its clear commitment for the use of sustainable palm (kernel) oil-based products

The BASF Home Care, I&I and Industrial Formulators Europe business is significantly expanding its portfolio of palm-based surfactants with RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certifications. 

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BASF strengthens its global production footprint for enzymes

On April 26, 2021 BASF has agreed with Sandoz GmbH, a subsidiary of Novartis, to invest at the Kundl/Schaftenau Campus in Austria. This agreement enables BASF to further develop its production footprint for enzymes and biotechnology products.

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Brighten up your day

Looking for a brilliant laundry solution? The BASF One-Fits-All Solution makes laundry a pleasure!

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Hot results


Hot results with a cool wash

Some stuff is really tough: baby food, egg, or blood stains. But there is a way to handle even the most challenging stains. Adding the power of our proteases Lavergy® Pro you can meet these needs and even more. Our combination of enzymes and further Home Care and I&I ingredients enables the next level of low temperature washing.

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Skin-friendly solution


Hard on stains, soft on skin, kind to the environment

Gentle on skin, powerful in the wash and friendly to the environment: All this offers the skin-friendly laundry solution of BASF.

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Taking sustainability to the next level

The BASF biomass balance approach enables us to use more renewable materials in production– including the bio-based and biodegradable versions of the chelating agents Trilon® M for effective, sustainable dishwashing performance.

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