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Sparkling clean kitchens

It’s a hard life for commercial kitchens. Grease and baked-on marks on grills, pots and pans, stove hoods and ovens are a challenge for the cleaning team. Any surface where food is prepared needs to be meticulously cleaned after use. And, with commercial kitchens averaging out at around 100 square meters*, with many far larger, there’s a lot of floorspace and worktops to keep meticulously clean. Kitchens also have a surfeit of plastics. Get the cleaning agent wrong, and the plastic turns dull and brittle – and soon has to be replaced.

Elbow grease isn’t the only way. BASF provides a range of solutions for the heavy-duty cleaning power needed in commercial kitchens. Safe and efficient, BASF solutions are available that work on warm and cold surfaces, plastics and metal, cutting through grease and removing baked-in soiling, and disinfecting smartly for reliable hygiene.

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