Lugalvan® HS 1000


Lugalvan HS 1000 is used to formulate brightener additives employed in the electroplating industry.

It is especially effective in brightener formulations for acid zinc electrolytes.

It is usually employed at a concentration of 0.1 – 5 g/l.

Lugalvan HS 1000 has the following advantages in acid zinc electrolytes.

– It prevents charred deposits at high current densities.

 – It improves the ductility of the plated metal at high current densities.

 – It improves the brightness of the plated metal over the whole range of current densities.

 – It performs very well in combination with nonionic and anionic surfactants.

 – It is low-foaming.
 – It suppresses the formation of foam, especially in combination with Lugalvan NES.

 – Its solubilizing action on Lugalvan TC-BAR is comparable to that of Pluriol® E 400 or E 600.

 – It has no effect on the cloud point of the plating bath.


Beige solid in block form

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