Pluronic® PE 6200


Pluronic PE 6200 is an effec­tive, low-foam­ing wet­ting agent. It is ­mainly used in mechan­i­cal clean­ing pro­cesses. It can be ­employed in rinse aids to allow water to run off glass and crock­ery more eas­ily, and to ­improve their gloss. Its high wet­ting power is par­tic­u­larly use­ful in phos­phat­ing baths. It can also be used as defoamer in the pulp and paper industry.

 Pluronic PE 6200 can be used to emul­sify ­monomers such as vinyl and ­acrylic ­monomers in poly­mer­iza­tion pro­cesses, and it can also be used to break crude-oil emul­sions.



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