Luwax® OA Pastille


Oxidized polyethylene wax


Emulsions prepared from Luwax OA Pastilles, especially anionic and anionic-nonionic emulsions, dry to form tough, glossy films which can be used to protect a variety of substrates. Luwax OA Pastilles perform well in dry-bright emulsion-type polishes. Coemulsions with montanic ester waxes, carnauba wax, microcrystalline wax and paraffin wax can also be prepared if necessary. Solvents such as mineral spirits can also be added in special cases.

Solvents such as mineral spirits and solvent naphtha can be added to car polishes and furniture polishes in order to provide an added cleaning effect. Silicone oils improve the gloss, buffability and toughness of protective films.


Off-white pastilles

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